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Titles by Crystal Leonardi

Multi-Award Winning Author, Editor, Publisher, Lover of Literature

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Boy of Steel
Little Sebastian's Big Miracle

My Brother Sebastian
Explaining Cancer to Kids

By Crystal Leonardi

By Crystal Leonardi

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6 Steps to Self-publishing with CrystalLeonardi

By Crystal Leonardi


Titles by Bowerbird Publishing

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Bowerbird Publishing's
Writers Journal

By Crystal Leonardi


The Thing About Jed


By Nicola Baker

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An Environmental FairyTale

By Chantal Munro

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Face Art

By Chantal Munro

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Garden CookBook
My First Edible & Medicinal Garden

By Chantal Munro


Highly Recommended

Denise Petersen - Front Cover.jpeg

A Nurse Like Aunty Mavis

By Denise Petersen


Unearthing Einasleigh & District's Bygone Days

By Colleen Taylor

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Colleen's Collected Stories

By Colleen Taylor

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Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of the Morrigan


Edited by Trista Hendren

Liliana De Sabbata - Front Cover.jpeg

In Memory of the Moon Maiden

By Liliana De Sabbata

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The Meditation Activist's Travel Guide

By Jill Knell

The Power to Rise Above Cover.jpg

The Power to Rise Above


Edited by Sandy Davies

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Words of Bek

By Becky Paroz


Rob the Poet

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ABOUT Rob the Poet - Born in Melbourne, Australia, to an Air Force family, Rob started life learning to love travel and new beginnings. Surrounded by an abundance of positivity, Rob quickly became familiar with non-action words, the power of conditioning, and that it's okay to say ‘no.’ He started his writing career with ‘Pure Energy,’ and now enjoys writing poetry about nature, nurture, comedy, self-help, and positivity. Today, Rob lives in the world-heritage Daintree rainforest, where he spends his spare time gardening and writing poems for radio stations 4AM or KIKFM. Rob has graced the airwaves every Tuesday morning for over a decade to read his poetry.

It's all Good - eBook
A Thought or Two - MP3
Saturday Nights - MP3

By Rob the Poet


‘It’s All Good’ is like a prescription of poems for the ailments of the human spirit. It has a unique pace and rhythm that allows the reader to find solace in the perfect poem for the moment. Seeing the difference the right poem can make will give you confidence in poetry’s power to change lives and perspectives. Rob the Poet has created an anthology of poems focused on nature, nurture, comedy, self-help, and positivity. Boasting 62 poems, ‘It’s All Good’ is the perfect gift to yourself or someone needing a positive perspective.

A Thought or Two, V1, 2, 3 & 4, is a collection of Rob the Poet’s most loved poetry from the past 20 years. His signature poem can be found in V1, titled ‘Home.’

Saturday Nights, V1 & 2 - This new collection of Rob's poetry was produced over an 8-year span on Pete Graham's live Saturday Night radio show. Rob would be given a 30-minute poetry challenge to a theme of Pete's choice, then shared at 7:45pm LIVE on air. I'm sure you can agree that this format would have produced some incredibly entertaining poetry! Rob the Poet's recordings cover all aspects of life, with a sometimes humorous twist, enjoying themes about nature, nurture, comedy, self-help, and positivity. If you love Rob's work, you can tune in to his segment every Tuesday morning on 4AM  radio. Pete Graham is now also back on the airwaves, Mon-Fri 4AM, so be sure to tune in!

Alan Lane

ABOUT the Author: Alan Lane is an Elite Tennis Coach (formerly called Level 3) qualified to coach at International Level. He played the world circuit for five years, winning thirteen international tournaments. During his career, he was ranked inside the world's top 50 and reached number 10 in Australia when John Newcombe was ranked number 7.


Alan played in all four of the Grand Slam events, reaching the round of 16 in three (Australian Open, French Open and US Open) and the semi-finals of the US Open Mixed Doubles. He won the Chilean Open championships, defeating the then number 1 clay court player in the world in the final in four sets.


After retiring from active competition, Alan lived in New York for thirteen years, running his indoor coaching centre. He has coached in seven countries (USA, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Israel, Thailand and Morocco). He has coached many players to go into the world circuit and others to receive tennis scholarships into the US college system.


Alan has now used his tennis knowledge and experience in the form of 5 ebooks; The Perfect Serve, Tennis with Touch, Tennis with Passion, Tennis with Feeling, Tennis with Three-Year-Olds.

Tennis with Feeling - Winning Fundamentals of Tennis:

The complete fundamentals of the game of tennis. Absolutely necessary for the beginner.

ebook $9.95

Tennis with Passion - Fundamental Tennis Psychology:

This book shows you how to examine your mind and attitude, and how making a few mind changes can maximise your progress and improvement.

ebook $5.95

Tennis with Touch - Winning Tactics:

This book is a must if you are playing any type of match play. The book is subtitled Winning Tactics.

ebook $7.95

Tennis with Three-Year-Olds - How to Get Your Child Started in Tennis:

This book shows you all the steps you need to take for your three-year-old to get started in tennis and have a good foundation for the future.

ebook $5.95

The Perfect Serve - Fix the Ten Most Common Errors:

This book shows you the ten most common errors in the serve and how to fix them.

ebook $6.95

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