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Crystal Leonardi, Bowerbird Publishing


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CBWC24 Awards Partner - Crystal Leonardi, Bowerbird Publishing
Crystal Leonardi, Bowerbird Publishing
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Member of Australian Society of Authors, Crystal Leonardi, Bowerbird Publishing
Member of Australian Publishers Society, Crystal Leonardi, Bowerbird Publishing
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As a dedicated professional in the publishing industry, I offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of authors and writers. My journey began as a self-published author, providing me with firsthand experience of the challenges and gaps that often plague the publishing process. This background sets me apart from my peers, as it has endowed me with a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in bringing a book from concept to completion.

Here is a full list ofthe services offered by Bowerbird Publishing...


An Author Accountability Coach is a professional who helps writers stay on track with their writing goals by providing structured support, motivation, and practical advice. Furthermore, an Author Accountability Coach serves as a dedicated partner, ensuring that authors not only stay on track with their writing projects but also grow and develop as writers.

Accountability Coach - Crystal Leonardi
Accountability Coach - Crystal Leonardi

Payment plans available.


Writing can be an isolated and isolating process. A writing coach helps to make it more communal, with the benefit of feedback and accountability.


As an editor, I have delicately refined manuscripts, sculpting raw ideas into polished gems that captivate readers. With each markup and insightful comment, I have guided countless authors to discover the true potential of their narratives.


Book design is a specialized subset of graphic design, focusing on books' layout and visual aspects. This involves creating an aesthetically pleasing, reader-friendly presentation for print and digital publications. Effective design enhances the reading experience, captures the essence of the content, and often plays a significant role in marketing and attracting readers.


Bowerbird Publishing differentiates itself from traditional publishing houses by offering a transparent, collaborative, and personalized approach. It bridges the gap between traditional publishing and self-publishing, providing authors with the best of both worlds.

Payment plans available.


Being a successful author is more than just a great book - it's about a great brand. Building a presence requires clever branding, and an innovative approach to your marketing plan. Don't let your book collect dust on bookshop shelves, create a brand that brings awareness to you as an author and your book with a Bowerbird Publishing marketing package.