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Join us in the heartwarming tale of ‘My Mate Jed,’ a touching children’s story that introduces young readers to the concept of stroke with empathy and understanding. Written by Crystal Leonardi and Nicola Baker, this book gently navigates the sensitive topic, providing a clear and accessible explanation for children.

Meet Jed, who, despite having experienced a stroke as a baby, is still just like any other kid. Through captivating storytelling, children will learn about the signs of stroke and how it can affect someone’s body and behaviour. From facial drooping to difficulty talking, the story addresses these changes with compassion and reassurance.

Accompanied by vibrant illustrations, ‘My Mate Jed’ takes readers on Jed’s journey from the initial signs to the hospital tests and exercise needed for recovery. The book emphasises the importance of understanding, kindness, and support when someone has had a stroke, fostering a sense of empathy in young minds.

With practical advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent strokes, the story encourages positive habits while assuring children that, despite differences, love remains unchanged. This heartening tale also acknowledges the natural fears that arise during such challenging times and provides a valuable lesson on expressing and sharing worries.

‘My Mate Jed’ is not just a story; it’s a guide for children to comprehend and embrace the uniqueness of individuals who have experienced strokes. Through friendship, resilience, and understanding, this book creates a space for open conversations and helps children navigate the complexities of health challenges with empathy and care.


My Mate Jed, Explaining Stroke to Kids

  • Crystal Leonardi is not just an author and publisher, but a tenacious mother and advocate for critically ill children. As the resilient mum of a brain cancer warrior, her experiences fuel her passion for empowering others to share their stories.

    Her son, Sebastian, continues to be her motivation. The challenges faced by Sebastian inspire her mission to assist families confronting a life-threatening illness and disability. Crystal intimately understands that one diagnosis often triggers others, leaving families scrambling for resources.

    Crystal invites you to join her on a journey of resilience, hope and empowerment as she endeavours to make a difference in the lives of families facing health challenges.

  • Nicola found her purpose to establish Moyamoya Australia after she realised that there was a distinct lack of support and resourcing for those with Moyamoya Disease.  The Not for Profit was born in September 2019 and has continually reached its goals by providing emotional and financial support for other families around Australia, by raising awareness of this disease, and by investing into research, training and support for this disease and for childhood stroke. 

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