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Book Angels aims to educate and comfort readers,
providing age-appropriate books that support families in the fight against cancer and serious illness.

My Brother Sebastian by Crystal Leonardi of Bowerbird Publishing
Boy of Steel, Crystal Leonardi of Bowerbird Publishing


Book Angels was created in 2022 by Crystal Leonardi, founder of Bowerbird Publishing and award-winning author.


"I wish I had a book like 'My Brother Sebastian' or 'Boy of Steel' when my son, Sebastian, was first diagnosed.

Not just for the support it would have provided for me as a mother, but it would have also

reminded me that I am not alone in this battle against cancer."



Every single dollar received will go towards the printing and distribution of books to families in need. These families battling cancer need your help. Some of them are navigating the cancer world completely isolated from their loved ones. Together, we can make a difference by bringing them comfort and hope in the form of books.

Book Angel's goal for 2023 is to raise $5000, which would fund the printing and distribution costs of 500 books. 

That's just over 40 books per month, and more than 1 per day for our Aussie kids fighting cancer!

The Book Angels Story

Book Angels, Bowerbird Publishing

How to Donate



Even a small donation of $25 will deliver 1 book.



A donation of $100 will deliver 5 books.



A donation of $220 will deliver a book to a family every month, for 12 months.

Special thanks to our Sponsors, Stockists & Supporters

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2023 Recipients

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