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The Bowerbird Publishing Commitment:

Bowerbird Publishing was established in 2021, so is considered very new to the industry. However, my lack of years in the industry does not reflect my commitment to delivering exceptional and personalised service tailored to meet the unique needs of each writer. I understand that the path to publishing can be filled with uncertainty and challenges. I'm here to be your guiding light, providing the support and resources you need to turn your literary dreams into reality.


Why Choose Bowerbird Publishing?

Every writer has a unique voice, story, and vision. I am here to amplify that voice, bring your story to life, and turn your vision into a reality. If you're seeking a partner who believes in your potential and is dedicated to helping you navigate the world of publishing, look no further.


Positive Energy: My enthusiasm for the written word is infectious. I approach every project with a genuine love for storytelling and a belief that every story is worth telling. Your passion for your work is mirrored in the energy I bring to every publishing project.


Credibility and Integrity: In the world of publishing, trust is paramount. I pride myself on being a professional with unwavering integrity. You can trust that I will always act in your best interests, advocating for you and your work at every stage of the publishing journey.


Market Gap Expertise: While I may not have years of sales history, I stand out in the industry due to my unwavering dedication to identifying market gaps and offering solutions. I understand that the publishing landscape is constantly evolving, and I am committed to staying ahead of the curve. My ability to adapt and provide innovative solutions will set your work apart.


Motivation and Drive: I am motivated by your success. I understand the struggles that writers face in the quest to find a publisher. My role is not only to assist you but to serve as a relentless advocate driven to help you reach your goals.


Lifelong Learning: Education is the foundation of progress. I am continually expanding my skill set and knowledge base to ensure I can offer you the best possible support. In a rapidly changing industry, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and tools is a must.

How do I submit my manuscript for publishing consideration?

Authors can submit their manuscripts directly via email


How do I pay for publishing?

You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. There is a 20% deposit requirement on all publishing agreements. Payment plans are available on all services.


How long does it take to publish?

Bowerbird Publishing aims to complete all publications within 3-6 months of the Publishing Agreement finalisation. Here is a brief timeline of a standard Bowerbird Publishing schedule:

Month 1 – Manuscript appraisal, editing, Barcode & ISBN.

Month 2 - Internal design, formatting, typesetting.

Month 3 – Cover design, conversion to print-ready PDF & ebook formats, 1st proof.

Month 4 – Order printed copies, marketing strategy & planning.

Month 5 – Distribution & official launch.

*A publishing schedule always depends on the genre and word count of the individual book. If delays occur, Bowerbird Publishing will always advise the author in writing.


What is book formatting?

Book formatting takes your text, images, and illustrations and puts them together in the correct format for both ebooks and paperbacks. Professional book formatting and layout will leave you with a professional-looking book that looks great on multiple formats.


How important is book marketing and promotion?

No matter your book’s genre, marketing has never been more important to a professional author’s success. Building an author brand is not only an asset when you are being considered for publication but will assist you in maximising your sales and exposure after your book is published.


Your author brand is your professional author persona – it is comprised of all of the things that make you unique as a writer or illustrator: the genre you write in, what you choose to write about, your writing/illustration style, your particular perspective on the themes you write about, your values and so on. The key to successful author branding is to be authentic and consistent in your messaging.


Publicity is how you can generate free word-of-mouth coverage for your book, and publicity activities usually take place on a short-term basis, both pre-publication and post-publication. Effective publicity campaigns are all about building strong relationships. Publicity activities may include:

  • Pitching a news item about your book to the media,

  • Sending out Advanced Reading Copies of your title and a Press Release to key influencers and reviewers,

  • Arranging radio or podcast interviews.


Unlike publicity, marketing campaigns cost money and involve long-term strategies for your book and author brand. Marketing activities may include:

  • Paid advertising across online and print media,

  • Promotions and discounts,

  • In-store posters and merchandise for bookstores,

  • Social media, email and content marketing,

  • Book launch events,

  • Partnerships and cross-promotion.


The most important thing you need to know to create effective marketing and publicity strategies for your book is who your target market is: who are your core readers? While many writers and illustrators may feel that their book could be enjoyed by a wide range of readers, it is essential to narrow your scope and target a particular audience first before going on to try and find new audiences for your work. The more specific you can be about your core readership, the more effectively you can build your marketing campaigns to appeal to them. Think BIG SPLASH, little pond first.


For example, if you’ve written a romance novel set in rural Australia, you may be more likely to generate sales promoting your book on a popular Australian blog about Rural Romance than placing ads on general book websites. While you might reach a smaller audience on the blog, you are ensuring your book is discoverable by exactly the kinds of readers who will buy and enjoy your book rather than wasting time and money promoting your title to large swathes of people who never read romance novels.


Here are some research topics to consider before creating a marketing strategy:

  • Who are your core readers on a demographic level – age, gender, income level?

  • Where do they buy their books, and in which formats?

  • Which influencers do they follow?

  • Which other authors do they like to read? What are some of their favourite books?

  • Where do they get their book news and information?

  • Which book clubs or literary events do they go to, if any?

  • Which social media channels do they prefer?

  • What are their favourite blogs, podcasts, radio shows and so on?


It is essential to think about your core readership ahead of the publication of your book, as just like in a publishing house, this information should inform key decisions about your book, including the cover and book design, the title, the blurb and the pricing.


Where can I get legal advice about publishing in Australia?

Australian Copyright Council - The Australian Copyright Council publishes over 80 information sheets on their website concerning a range of copyright matters. The Council may be able to provide information about issues raised in an enquiry if you’ve read the relevant information on their website and were unable to find an answer.

Australian Society of Authors (ASA) - The Australian Society of Authors primarily covers prose writers and provides members with quick and inexpensive contract advice. The website has a list of FAQs. ASA also has a number of informative documents that you can access if you’re a member. If you are not a member, please contact Bowerbird Publishing for information. Bowerbird Publishing is an Industry Partner of ASA.

Australian Writers Guild - The Australian Writers’ Guild represents writers for film, television, radio, stage and multimedia. It gives free contract and other legal advice to members.

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