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How to Dream BIG

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

My favourite good business practice is education. I’m forever the student in the room, salivating at new information, different opinions, and enriched perspectives. Madly taking notes, I find common ground in common challenges.

Recently, I listened to an inspiring talk performed by Peace Mitchell & Katy Garner, sibling entrepreneurs who’ve taken their little ideas and turned them into big successes. I’d like to share the most valuable lessons I learned from Peace & Katy.

1. Think BIGGER!

Some call it the over-achiever syndrome, but I’ve learned to embrace my ambition because it has taught me many lessons. Peace & Katy encouraged us to ‘think bigger’ than our ideas, striving for more than we expect. I have embraced this notion with my writing; not only did I become an author, but I also established my own publishing company. So if your ambition is BIG, but you fall short, then at least you’ve tried and can move on to the next BIG thing. Safety and precaution in business are comfortable, but our dreams will never be achieved without risk. Don't short-change yourself by skimming the surface of your potential. Think BIG to achieve more.

2. Cripled with Fear

Following on from the last point, Peace and Katy expressed how they still face fear and uncertainty, even after their successes in all areas of their business. This was so refreshing to hear because, as a relatively new business owner, I sometimes feel anxious about the ‘what-ifs.’ What if no one turns up to my event? What if no one reads my book? What if people don’t believe in me? Peace and Katy’s superstar tip was to see new ventures as merely an experiment. Focusing on a growth mindset, you will begin to see failures as lessons and be able to move on quicker and on to the next BIG idea.

3. Call in your Community

“If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.”

Peace Mitchell.

I really needed to hear this. Too often, I feel embarrassed to ask for support from my nearest and dearest when they’re the ones who’ll help propel my business the quickest! Also linked to the last point, our fear of rejection often stands in the way of asking for help. When a person asks me for help, I always say yes and feel good about helping someone, especially in their business. So I must remember to approach asking for help with the same positive attitude.

I’ve learned from my dear friend Sandy Davies of ‘The Power to Rise Above’ that we must rise by lifting others up. She is passionate about giving a voice to those with a story to share and empowering those storytellers by embracing adversity and lifting others up. Furthermore, Peace and Katy reminded me that my business, especially the Book Angels component, has been born from listening to my intuition and that intuition is worthy of trust. Standing up and saying ‘help me to help others’ will always lead you to people who believe in and want to celebrate business.

I hope you find this information as inspiring and powerful as I did. Peace and Katy are incredibly talented and grounded entrepreneurs. I love how they work to empower others to follow their dreams, think BIG, and always stay true to their passion. I feel blessed that, like them, my passion is to help others to succeed.

Peace & Katy can be found on IG & FB under AusMumpreneur, or via their website AusMumpreneur | Australia's Number 1 Community for Mums in Business

To learn more about Sandy’s incredible book ‘The Power to Rise Above,’ head to her website Shop - HappyPause | Menopause Balm

For all of my books, please go to, not forgetting to check out the Book Angels tab to keep updated on how you can help supply children in hospital with a copy of ‘My Brother Sebastian.’

Peace & Katy, this image is for you... my notes from the CBWC event where you spoke. Thanks for all the inspiration xo

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