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Finding my Rhythm

I'm feeling rejuvenated and energized after a full night sleep. Something I still don't get very often due to Sebastian's brain tumour.

As I spend my days preparing for the official launch of Boy of Steel, a level head and creative flow is essential. Although I get more sleep now than I did leading up to Sebastian's diagnosis, I still struggle to function properly on the days where sleep is limited.

A huge part of creating my memoir was research and investigating all areas of brain cancer, in a hope that I would light up with the spark of understanding. Something that grabbed my attention and gave me so many 'light bulb moments' was the intricacy of our Circadian Rhythm. It's the body's 24hr-clock and so much of what I struggle with on a day to day basis - emotions, anxiousness, lack of confidence, are all exacerbated due to a lack of sleep and rest. The circadian rhythm tells our body when to sleep, when to be alert, when to eat, etc. so when you are unable to follow that natural rhythm, your body struggles BIG time.

Did you know that lack of sleep can effect your hormones, weight loss and mensural cycle? Making it so much more than just feeling tired all the time. In Boy of Steel, Chapter 21, "Dreaming of Sleep" dives into our world of sleep deprivation and how we managed to function on little to no sleep during 2020.

I have a vision for what Boy of Steel could be and my commitment to the cause has never wavered. I hope that it inspires hope & courage and that it expands the hearts and minds of every reader. It's not just a memoir about a brave boy, it's a research journal, a raw recount of events, and an inspiring story of love. Find out how to get your copy on my website

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