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This week I met the notoriously fierce Michelle Bridges. Two things shocked me a little; 1. she's actually really tall! 2. Underneath all of that 'celebrity' that we see in the media, Michelle is a woman

who knew what she wanted and even after many setbacks, never gave up on her dreams. Success didn't necessarily come easily to Michelle Bridges.

So much of what Michelle spoke about resonated with me and has given me the motivation to stay positive and continue on this journey of becoming a successful author.

Since probably July last year (2021), I have been banging on doors, begging for someone to take a chance on me. To just sit up and listen for 5 minutes, and realize the worth behind my passion. It's been tough, I'll admit, hearing 'no' is never easy. With every 'no' I've wondered if I'm wasting my time; if my passion is only ever going to be overlooked and if success is too far out of my reach. What's kept me going however has always been my instinctive drive to just hang in there, because the right 'yes' was just around the corner.

Yesterday, I learned that Michelle Bridges began her career just like me; trying to convince people to listen and take a chance on her. Like me, she didn't take no for an answer, a 'no' simply meant 'not yet' and became a new motivator to strive for success.

I'm out there, I'm showing up every single day, balancing mum life and my passion, with an unstoppable drive to help others. It's an incredible feeling to know you're on the brink of success. To

know in your bones that your cause is worthy and that one day soon, my persistence and consistency will lead me to that 'yes' moment. I've come close, several times, so I'm refusing to give up now.

What Michelle taught me is that if you know you can, you will. Success is about finding your 'fuel' or passion and turning it into your business. To make smart decisions, follow your gut, and don't let anyone stand in your way.

My humble beginnings are no match for Michelle Bridges but realizing that unless we all channel our inner Michelle, those dreams and passions may never come to fruition. Face life with ferocity. After all, life is just lots of little chapters in a big book about you. You have the power to write the script, so do it. Be a success. Work hard for what you want, and never, ever give up.

Crystal xo

Check out my media gallery to see more images of Michelle and I. also has info about how to purchase Boy of Steel.

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