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The Future is Right Outside Your Window

When I look outside my window, I see the staunch green mountains of the Great Dividing Range, nestled amongst the hills and farming land of ever-green Julatten. The landscape is lush and enchanting, perfectly matching the spirit of the local community. The air is fresh and the bird-life abundant. I've heard Julatten being described as 'idealist' but I prefer to use the word 'paradise'.

Looking outside my window, I see my past, my present and my future. Like a compass, I follow the magnetic 'pull' to remain in this physical space as often as possible, which allows me to navigate through obstacles, unhindered by stresses brought on by myself and the common ailment of 'stretching myself too thin'.

This is the place I choose to call 'home'. It's where my heart is full and where creativity and writing flows without inhibition. It is my 'happy place' and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Recently, I attended a writers workshop where I had the opportunity to write a piece using a topic prompt - something I rarely get the chance to do. The topic being 'When I look outside my window I see...'

Although it's easy to take the literal approach to this topic, it got me thinking about how we sometimes need to look outside ourselves and take a moment to appreciate all the good in the world, in order to remain grounded and focused on what's really important. This sounds all pie-in-the-sky I know, but

they say happiness comes from within, and I agree it does, but happiness also comes from what's outside our 'window'.

Inside my window I have a very busy home, an office desk piled up with school notes, writing notes, inspirational pieces, books, diaries, photos, authors journals, etc. etc. This little corner of busy chaos can sometimes trap me in an 'I'm so busy' frame of mind and weigh me down with unachievable to-do list stress. What this topic prompt did for me though, was make me stop and realize the beauty in my world and that outside my window is a world of possibilities and a future that I am looking forward to exploring.

So, I ask that if you're feeling overwhelmed in your small corner of chaos, just stop and look out the window. Find the beauty in what's outside yourself and acknowledge the smells, sights, feelings and sounds of the future, right outside your window.

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