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Reach for the Stars

I speak to many writers who express their frustration with navigating around constant obstacles that contribute to losing sight of their goals and creative flow. Writing can be challenging, but like any creative outlet, the more we relax, the more productivity and clarity we will find. I know it's easier said than done, so I have designed an activity called 'Reach for the Stars', which can be found in my book, '6 Steps to Self-publishing with Crystal Leonardi.'

Setting and revisiting writing goals isn't something we should only do at the beginning and end of a project, in fact, I encourage my writers to re-assess their goals after each of the 6 steps; writing, editing, formatting, publishing, distributing, and marketing. That way, as our project develops, so too do our expectations and vision.

'Reach for the Stars' goes a little something like this... What are your goals and vision for your book? What obstacles are in the way of your goals and vision? What more could you do to reach your goals and vision?

Setting ourselves goals (big or small) is the best way to remain on-task. Goals allow us to define our objective, stay motivated and measure our progress.

So rather than becoming frustrated, lost, and a little deflated, set your goals and establish a clear vision for more productive, positive writing.

For more information about my mentorship program or to order a copy of '6 Steps to Self-publishing with Crystal Leonardi', head to my website

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