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Pain into Power

This is Sebastian today.

The PAIN of 2020 almost invisible.

The POWER of his strength today, visible in an unquantifiable amount.

What happens when suddenly, you find yourself working on a 'passion project'? Like so many parents out there who turn their pain into power by writing about their experience through a childhood cancer diagnosis, I find myself on the verge of publishing a very personal story about our battles through what was, quite frankly, an absolute hell of a year.

The saying 'everything happens for a reason' awakens a level of irritability in me and has me asking 'but, why?...' Why was my baby born with a brain tumour?'... 'Why are there so many children confined to hospitals, who've had their carefree, healthy lives snatched away?'... For me, that doesn't need to happen for a reason, but sadly, it just does.

In Oprah's book "The Path Made Clear", I found peace.

"Passion whispers to you through your feelings, beckoning you toward your highest good."

So rather than Sebastian's diagnosis being for a reason, it happened, we survived and now I have the experience to help others. The experience has provided me with so much sadness but also endless amounts of growth. It has broken me but also helped put me back together, not as the same person, as a better person. A more courageous person, a more compassionate human, and a more generous spirit.

My dream is that Boy of Steel lands in the hands of parents enduring the same hell we went through in 2020, and that it's message helps other families survive and continue raising awareness for childhood cancer research, so that no more children will suffer like Sebastian has.

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