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Lemonade is Sweeter.

Turning lemons into lemonade...

I think I'm good at that - literally and metaphorically :).

A lot of people ask me how I found the time to write a book... Well for me, writing was what kept me going. It helped me to survive. It wasn't about sitting down everyday to add another enthralling chapter, in fact that never entered my head. It was about taking my thoughts and putting them in a safe place - on paper. Often in the middle of the night when Sebastian's brain was confused about day = awake, night = asleep, I would unload all of my mental and emotional baggage onto paper. Sometimes on napkins if we were on a plane, or on the backs of medical paperwork if we were in emergency, but mostly it was in my journal.

So how do you turn lemons into lemonade in your life?

My friend Casey, turned coconuts into a healthy snack to nourish her pregnant body, and then later her children. That healthy snack turned into an award-winning business; Beach Harvest Coconut Chips... amazing Mumpruneur and 'lemonade-making' extraordinaire right there!

Share your 'lemons into lemonade' story in the comments because sharing can inspire xo

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