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It's Love

When away with Sebastian on these medical trips, I suddenly find myself free to feel. I realize that my headspace is so full in my everyday life as a mother, wife, farmer, and writer, and as I near closer to Brisbane, my mind space slowly clears. Like sun rays striking the earth from a bed of clouds, a feeling of hope and clarity suddenly appears after a day of heavy rain.

I once approached Brisbane with such trepidation and anxiety, fearing an unexpected encounter with adversity was just around the next corner. However, with time passing us by and our growing confidence as Sebastian’s carers, I have learned that the more I live, the more I find life mystifying.

So much of life just doesn’t make sense. Sometimes, life just is. And when the blows seem to come in thick and fast with little time to recover, life itself can be overwhelming. Dwelling on the negative is so easy to do. Rising above, getting up every day and shining bright, just like those sun rays, is what keeps you from drowning in sorrow and self-pity.

I try my best to approach life with grace and gratitude. To take a win as a win and a loss as a loss, and accept that both are a part of what makes life worth living. Every loss is often a lesson and an unexpected twist in our destiny. With every win, we are reminded about how glorious life is.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from Sebastian’s recent loss of health, it’s that you will regain your strength. You will laugh again; you will forget the pain and love wholeheartedly again. Like the sun shines every day, so will you. Especially, especially if you have one or two good people in your corner. It’s love. Love makes anything possible.

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