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Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Grief. It's heavy and we often associate the word with death. But what about grieving someone or something that is still there, for example grieving a friendship that's turned sour or grieving a person who has changed at the hands of a medical episode or serious illness? I think we can all relate.

As the Author of Boy of Steel, I write about the guilt associated with grieving my son who was still alive. About how it felt as a mother to miss my child, simply because childhood cancer had changed him so much.

An excerpt from Chapter 19, Boy of Steel:

"I missed the ‘old’ Sebastian and I felt so guilty about that. It was like he went into surgery as one person but came out completely different. I was grieving my son who was still alive. I was so blessed and full of love and admiration for the ‘new’ Sebastian but I longed for the ‘old’ Sebastian who was innocently oblivious to the trauma the cancer had victimized him to. The cancer had robbed Sebastian of his innocence but also robbed me of my son who in my eyes, was perfect."

What have you grieved that's still 'there'? A marriage? An estranged loved one? A childhood memory? A home? The now 70c Macca's 30c soft serve?

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