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Freedom of Choice

I've been sitting on this one for a few days now, unsure weather to publish or not... It's an opinion

from my perspective on a topic that has gone from a global pandemic to a political taboo. I respect everyone for the decisions they've made, and are making and believe we should all have the freedom of choice...

Is it just me or is everyone else's insides in knots about the COVID vaccine?? I'll admit, I am double vaccinated, but my opinion on weather or not to vaccinate may surprise you.

I felt sick getting my 2 needles, and not from a needle phobia, from that strong gut feeling you get when you're doing something you wish you didn't have to.

I stood my ground against getting vaccinated for so long and was determined to continue to do so but sadly, our situation with Sebastian made the decision for us. We have a very sick little boy who needs his parents to ensure that every medical option is made available to him. My decision to get vaccinated was made with a heavy heart and overwhelming levels of anxiety. End goal however, was to eliminate any barrier my choices may create for Sebastian's medical journey. If the hospital had have told me to get a barcode tattooed to my forehead, I would have done that too. In my current world, anything other than Sebastian's medical needs come secondary to my own health and well-being - saying it now sounds so short sighted - because if I'm not in good health then how can I nurture and nurse him to better health?

Sadly though, the truth is that I haven't been well since receiving the 2 Pfizer COVID vaccines. I won't go into details but I'm just not alright. And to add to not feeling physically well, I'm also feeling completely overwhelmed with anxiousness about everything related to COVID... what happens if I don't fully recover from the vaccine? What happens if I don't get the booster? What about the children - how will life change if/when the Government makes it mandatory to vaccinate our kids, but we choose not to? Technically, we do still have the freedom to choose but if we choose to NOT vaccinate, then we find ourselves limited to basic human connection. The ability to freely go about life without being stopped and asked to prove that you've been vaccinated. The freedom to make plans to socialize with loved ones or travel around our own country. Since when Australia? Since when are my personal health decisions and medical records anybody else's business? This isn't what freedom feels like. I'm vaccinated yet I feel like I have absolutely no choice when it comes to COVID.

COVID-19 is a serious pandemic. It is taking the scientific and medical worlds for a ride like no other. It is leaving the most brilliant minds in the world scratching their heads in bewilderment and dispelling the usually reasonable minds to simply 'do what is recommended, because it is mostly safe'. But - it isn't 100% safe, is it?

It's a topic that can be spoken about for hours on end and never come to a conclusion or sensible outcome. It has families separated by opinion and friendships lost because of fear. If Australia truly wanted it's people to maintain their freedom of choice, it would, but I don't think it does. It's a realization that's unsettling and confusing. As a proud Australian, I am now more in fear of choosing not to get a booster shot, than I am of getting COVID-19. Perhaps that's been the plan all along?

We head to Brisbane again soon for Sebastian's medical appointments, into a hospital that has active COVID-19 patients. It's our reality now but if it wasn't COVID-19, I have no doubt that it'd be something else. I look forward to the day when we are living with just another endemic, rather than a pandemic, and a time when we once again have the 'choice' to vaccinate or not. Kudos to those who have been in an ideal situation to have the choice to not vaccinate and hats off to those who've consciously made the brave decision to trust in the science and get vaccinated free of fear, unlike me.

My ass firmly placed on the fence on this topic, incase you were wondering ;).

Stay safe and make the right choices for you and your family. I still pinch myself at times, reflecting on Sebastian's journey with brain cancer, in amongst a global pandemic. Timing!?!?

Happy New Year to you all and don't forget to get your copy of Boy of Steel today to help raise funds for sick kids through the Children's Hospital Foundation. $5 from each copy sold goes back to the foundation.

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Always trust your instincts, you are absolutely right. love your courage. again thank you for your honesty xxx

Crystal Leonardi
Crystal Leonardi
Jan 21, 2022
Replying to

Ugh, how time changes everything! I'm living and learning every day xo

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