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Choosing to Fight, not Fly

What does it mean to be resilient?

It's funny, I don't consider myself to be a resilient person; I loathe change, I love control and routine, and I crumble under pressure, yet I somehow got through a year where resilience was mandatory.

It makes me wonder, do we underestimate our resilience and how much of our 'fight or flight' instinct contributes to our survival?

I know we all have our strengths - and weaknesses, but when you become a parent, I believe our fight instinct and the resilience we didn't know we had will get us through the toughest of times. One of my favourite chapters from Boy of Steel is called 'Choosing to Fight, not Fly' and describes the moment the resilience within me, gave me the strength to courageously stand up and fight.

We have by no means finished fighting. We still have so much fight left in us, and we will never bow down and give in to his cancer. Sebastian may have cancer, but the cancer does not have him—anymore. It may try again one day, but we will be ready and waiting with an army of strength and a chorus of courage.

The Mayo Clinic have a very informative article about resilience & how to cope with a lack there of;

Image: Sebastian's MRI image January 8, 2020. The monster living within.

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