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Book Review - In Memory of the Moon Maiden by Liliana De Sabbata

Author Liliana De Sabbata has created this collection of heartfelt poems in the most delightful way. Divided into 4 ‘seasons’, I was taken on a poetic journey scattered with glimpses of love and the power of the almighty moon. Liliana’s distinctive style and rhythm drew me into each ‘season’ where I found myself attaching several poems to particular moments in my own life.

The lunar cycle and its effect on our emotional patterns, I imagine, were a driving influence behind Liliana’s poetic concept. I often found myself in a meditative state as Lilian’s soft, quiet, and calm poetry settled down in my very busy mind. Many of the poems I could imagine putting to a song or music, as their melodic flow and deep meaning resonated with me, as if they were written just for me.

This incredible anthology is a must-have on your bedside table and can be used as a soothing lullaby as you rest your head for the night. A wonderful gift to yourself or a loved one, ‘In Memory of the Moon Maiden’ is a delightful addition to anyone’s collection of literature.

You can purchase Liliana’s book by clicking on this link In Memory of the Moon Maiden - Congratulations Liliana on your very first publication!

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