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15 Things Nobody Tells You About Self-publishing

As an 'accidental publisher' and author, I've reflected on some of the things nobody told me about self-publishing.

  1. You'll send test readers your manuscript and hold your breath, praying he/she likes it.

  2. After you’ve read your book out loud and made hundreds of meticulous corrections, you will receive your edited manuscript back from your editor and notice countless errors.

  3. When you read the final version of your book, you will find an error.

  4. Opening the box containing your first print run is the most exciting part of the process. You will take photos, record a reenactment of the opening, and ring everyone to tell them your exciting news. Revil in the moment.

  5. Self-promotion doesn't come naturally to everyone, but promoting your book is paramount to its success.

  6. You will become embarrassed about promoting your book long before its success. Get over it.

  7. As the relentless drumbeat of self-promotion proceeds, no matter how many times you post on Instagram and Facebook, you'll wonder if anyone is listening. Trust me, your target audience is.

  8. After your book is published, it might be reviewed. This may hurt.

  9. Your book may not be reviewed at all. This hurts more.

  10. Other writers' books will be much more successful than yours and receive three times the accolades. This doesn't mean your story isn't as important.

  11. In your acknowledgment, you will forget to thank someone super important.

  12. The key to becoming an Amazon best-seller isn't about book sales; it's about clever marketing.

  13. You will gradually meet, like, and befriend other writers. This will make you realize there is a true author community; avid readers often buy in bulk and can enjoy your book and my book.

  14. Depression will envelop you when you fail to produce a reasonable income from book sales, but you won’t care after you spot an airline passenger reading your book.

  15. Publishing a book will never get old, ever.

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Special thanks to Writer's Digest for the inspiration behind this post.

'15 Things Nobody Told Me About Book Publishing', written by Sally Koslow, published on 13 September 2022.

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