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In her debut book ‘The Teacher Who Lost Her Smile,’ author Bec Wright artfully weaves a whimsical narrative, exploring the universal challenges and tribulations experienced by educators everywhere. As the narrative unfolds, Bec's heartfelt conclusion beautifully encapsulates the true purpose that teachers use to sustain their enduring passion.

The Teacher Who Lost Her Smile’ is a delightful read that celebrates the dedication and resilience of educators. It is a testament to the profound connections forged in the classroom and the enduring power of a teacher's smile.


The Teacher Who Lost Her Smile

  • In the heart of tropical North Queensland, author Bec Wright dedicates her days to educating primary school students, specializing in those with additional needs for over three decades.

    A mother to two grown sons, both happily married with children of their own, she finds profound joy in her newfound role as a grandmother.

    Following a life-altering car accident, Bec emerged with a newfound appreciation for the vitality of every moment. When not relishing in her grandmother duties, she embraces life to the fullest—whether strumming the bass guitar in the school band, diving into the water for a swim, performing on stage, dancing, or even African drumming.

    Driven by an unwavering determination to pursue her aspirations, Bec sets her sights on achieving a lifelong ambition of writing a children's book. Although this narrative may not align precisely with the dreams she held as a 5-year-old, one can only hope that her journey unfolds into a tapestry of dreams yet to be realized.

    This revision aims to better capture the essence of Bec's story, highlighting her dedication to teaching, her children, and their future.

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