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'Meditation Activism' is about consciously sending the 'soular' power of our meditation out into the waking world to where it's most soul-ly needed. It's putting our inner selves out there, individually and collectively, to transform the planet and all living beings.

The Meditation Activist's Travel Guide supports us in performing our three main tasks in life: to wake up, to grow up, and to show up. It allows us to move deeply into a space of calm connection with our inner wisdom and encourages us to radiate our message to and around the world.

This handy travel guide has nine elegantly simple SOUL meditations, each with a reflective intention to connect with and share. Also included are nine QR-coded, easily accessible SOUL Songs playlists, guided soul meditations and Yoga with Soul embodied moving meditations.

The Meditation Activist's Travel Guide

  • Jill Knell has a professional background in community, organization, team, and personal evolution. She is deeply committed to and specializes in being with people who are focused on co-creating a better world. Her focus over the last two decades has been integrating our conscious awareness and spiritual intelligence into our lives andwork.

    The author draws her inspiration from the natural world, and a range of eclectic wisdom sources courtesy of the universal library. Jill is naturally optimistic, and her disposition is one of light-hearted joy, hope, curiosity, and compassion. She learned her first meditation practice when she was fourteen years old. Meditation, in many forms, has been her best friend throughout her life – always there to support her highest purpose and ongoing growth and development.

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