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Aidalyn has been a prisoner in her own mind, unable to experience life outside the confines of the foster system and now, a mental health hospital for her entire youth. While her days are filled with routine, and her nights with nightmares, she yearns for something more. The arrival of him could be what she has always been hoping for. One chance to change her life forever.

Argent has followed his father's rules to the letter for as long as he can remember. Lately, things haven't gone as planned. Now with their enemies breathing down their neck, they need a new plan of action. But instead of focusing on the issues at hand, his father drags him to tour a facility, where he stumbles into her path and everything he thought he knew changes.
Anomaly by Ali lee is an epic fantasy-romance full of love, secrets, adventure, and action. Join Aidalyn and Argent as they journey through an epic battle for their destiny and the future of their pack. Will they be strong enough to win the fight together? Pick up your copy of Anomaly today and experience the thrilling adventure.

Anomaly - Blood Ties

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