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Bowerbird Publishing

Crystal Leonardi
Author, Publisher, Motivational Speaker



My name is Crystal Leonardi, and I am the founder of Bowerbird Publishing. Established following the publication of my debut novel 'Boy of Steel,' Bowerbird Publishing now provides writers of all ages and levels of experience with cost-effective, professional services.


I myself am an award-winning, self-published author, entrepreneur, farmer's wife, and mother to 4 beautiful children. I am based in tropical Julatten, working with writers from all around Australia.

Everyone has a story to tell.

I want to help you bring yours to life.

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​Today, I love to write nestled in my comfy, well-worn armchair whilst watching over my 4 children, who blissfully play in a carefree, safe home - a lifetime away from a devastating year in 2020 when my then 2-year-old son, Sebastian, was diagnosed with brain cancer.

My motivation to become an author has always come from my love of creative expression and using my writing to support others and be an advocate for hope and resilience. 

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From editing to distributing your book, my simple vision is to provide professional, budget conscious publishing options to all writers, whilst celebrating their uniqueness and creativity.

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As a keynote speaker at events throughout Australia, I reach into the hearts of my audience by sharing my story and how documenting the ups and downs of life can direct us into a path of positivity and success.

As a mother of a child with brain cancer, I have faced many adversities and overcome mental health battles to become an advocate for hope and resilience.

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Crystal Leonardi

 Julatten Qld, Australia

0412 779 889

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