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A Forgotten Island in Hawaii is a fantastical story set on the high seas where characters explore questions about identity, love, and loyalty. The magical themes of the narrative will keep you engaged and delighted.

A Forgotten Island in Hawaii follows the story of four beautiful mermaids and one lonely human, Izzy. The unique artwork follows each character’s adventures through their exploration of underwater worlds and a forgotten Island in Hawaii. Join the mermaids in their quest to save Izzy with the help of friendly dolphins and a stoic King Neptune.


The graphics in this book are visually appealing, and the storyline is easy to grasp, ideal for readers aged 8-16.


Follow the mermaid’s story in Books 2 & 3 of A Forgotten Island in Hawaii – coming in 2024!

A Forgotten Island in Hawaii

  • Being a grandmother to three generations of women is phenomenal. I was given the blessing by my daughter of helping to choose one of my granddaughter's names, T-naya.

    In my life, I have overcome personal challenges that made me realise, I can achieve beyond my own expectations.

    In 2000, I decided to write a children's book about mermaids, featuring a young mermaid named T-naya. This would give my granddaughter great pride in her unique name and fill my spare time with the adventures of the four mermaids. Writing became my happy place.

    On completion of the book, I realised that publishing was out of my reach and felt overwhelmed at the possibility of self-publishing. However, 20 years later, my life changed forever, prompting me to seize the moment and complete the story I once started.

    Diagnosed with inoperable cancer, I revisited writing as a way to calm my anxiety and entertain my uncertain and frightened mind. My heart needed a new direction and rediscovering T’naya’s story was just the recipe to get me through my biggest challenge.

    Thanks to my strength and the help of Bowerbird Publishing, my story will be read not only by T-naya but many mermaid-loving children.

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