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When the human spirit is fractured a period of healing must occur for a survivor to be born. Author Samantha Musso began her trauma healing when she decided to sit, envision, and grow, leading her to create an inspiring healing business, driven by a passion to reclaim a balanced life.

Her business, Me2You, offers reiki/chakra balancing and intuitive energy healing to assist clients with finding their balance. Located in Mareeba, north Queensland, Sam has created a healing space to complement her holistic approach to health. 

Created to inspire and uplift, Sam began sharing powerful phrases and manifestations with her online followers. ‘Words by Sam’ is a collection of her most intuitive and profound offerings, designed as a convenient resource that can be with you always.

As you flip through the beautifully considered pages of ‘Words by Sam,’ you will feel energised, peaceful and inspired. Complimented by powerful images, Sam has created a book to compliment life, uplifting the hearts and spirits of every reader.

Igniting consciousness and dampening the illusion of the fears our mind creates to challenge our strength, Samantha Musso’s ‘Words by Sam’ is the perfect life and soul companion.

Words by Sam - ebook

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