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In 'Weighed Down,' Mary Pearson invites readers to explore the intricate relationship between self-perception, beauty standards, and the ever-evolving landscape of health consciousness.

The narrative unfolds with co-author Brigitte Botten dissecting the misleading dichotomy of 'good' and 'bad' foods. The authors debunk the myth that certain foods bear a moral weight, emphasizing the inherent purpose each one serves in our bodies. Nelly Rose, citing psychologist Glenn Mackintosh, further challenges the ingrained notions of morality attached to our dietary choices, asserting that food is not good and not bad, neither right nor wrong.

Pearson scrutinizes our language and its impact on self-perception, unravelling the intricate connection between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. Drawing on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles, she exposes the profound consequences of our internal dialogues about food choices.

The book beckons readers to question the societal norms that dictate our relationship with food and our bodies, and urges a reconsideration of the language we use to describe our eating habits. 'Weighed Down' is not just a book but a call to revolutionize our understanding of beauty, health and self-worth. Pearson's eloquent prose and insightful observations compel readers to observe the ever-changing standards that divine to find beauty in our society and to challenge the status quo by encouraging a shift away from judgment of ourselves and those we love.


Weighed Down

  • About the Author - Mary Pearson


    Mary Pearson graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and a diploma in Indonesian language and culture.

    She was a finalist nominee for Queensland's Young Achiever of the Year Award for her work and volunteering efforts for victim-survivors of abuse and is a passionate public speaker. She has also been nominated for Best Aunty, which is displayed proudly on the front of her fridge.

    Today, Mary continues her social work career in North Queensland, specialising in domestic violence, but finds herself more frequently in the mental health field, connecting with people from numerous cultural, age and ability demographics. 

    About the Author - Brigitte Botten

    Brigitte fully lives up to her business' name and embraces life. Whether it be while she is travelling abroad or just going for a walk along the beach near her house, whether it's singing at the top of her lungs whilst out dancing to live music or singing in the kitchen whilst creating something delicious, whether it's bravely making new adult friends (a skill much better suited to children) or spending quality time at home with family, Brigitte puts her all into everything.

    About the Author – Nelly Rose

    Nelly's career has involved becoming an expert in changing careers. Each time, I was in a different city or country and had a different outlook on life.

    After completing her first year of her Bachelor of Arts in Professional and Creative Writing, she decided to switch gears, pursue her passion for horse riding, and study for a Diploma in Horse Business Management. For the years to follow, she spent most of her time around the Victorian, South Australian border riding racehorses at 4 am or taking trail riding groups along the Great Ocean Road.


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