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‘Time for a Mumma Chit Chat’ doesn't shy away from any aspect of parenthood. It highlights the heartwarming moments and acknowledges the real heartache that can occur on this life-changing journey.

As you venture through the enriching pages, you will gain valuable knowledge while gathering a repertoire of practical parenting tips. You will be warmly invited into the lives of several incredible parents who share their personal experiences of their own parenting journey.

No topic is taboo, no one's voice is left out, no one is judged.

‘Time for a Mumma Chit Chat’ invites you to explore the real journey of parenthood.

Time for a Mumma Chit Chat

  • Kieren Waugh is a devoted mother of two who has always had a passion for writing. Since she was a young girl, she thoroughly enjoyed putting pen to paper and creating short stories and poetry.

    When she became a mother, she wanted to share her experiences of her parenting village with others. Hoping that creating a 'village' in a book would bring comfort and support to new families who may be feeling isolated.

    She thoroughly enjoys teaching 'writing' to her junior English students and using her background as a Biology Teacher to create fun stories about what happens in our bodies.

    Writing has become a beautiful escape from the real world. In the future, she plans to publish children's stories using fun characters to explain medical conditions in simple, relatable terms.


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