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In a generation when childhood is a diagnosed disease, the fate of the world and its disappearing children lies in the hands of a young boy. A new nanny brings questions; are the people around him serving his best interests, and what are their motives? Through a magical book, he learns about the other worlds and along the way, solves some of childhood's greatest mysteries. Like, where does The Tooth Fairy come from, and what does she do with all those teeth? With themes based on fantasy and magic realism, TickleTouch, an Environmental Fairy Tale is aimed at young adults or adults young at heart.

TickleTouch, An Environmental FairyTale

  • Chantal Munro has entertained children and families for over 30 years. Throughout Australia and the US, Chantal travelled as a children's entertainer, storyteller, and author, but now calls Far North Queensland home. In the sanctuary of the rainforest, Chantal has written her novel, 'TickleTouch, an Environmental Fairy Tale.

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