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A Series of Short Stories

Rollie was a conspiracy theorist oddity. He had been researching all manner of things and concluded that the world was not run by governments. It was run by mega-corporations, by media moguls and by the banks that were owned by the mega-corporations, and vice versa.

When Rollie was online, all these files would appear on his screen. No emails or anything. The files just appeared. The information was detailed, and bloody scary. And every time, a symbol appeared on his screen – Chameleon.But who is Chameleon?

When Rollie’s conspiracy rant went viral on YouTube, it became clear someone was leaking information, or hacking the world’s most secure sites. The NSA, CIA, DHS, MI5, Interpol, Mossad, ASIO, Scotland Yard, every government in the Free World. It was happening to them all. Classified information was simply appearing on people’s screens.

Russian and Chinese secret police combined to find this leak, or hacker, and put a stop to Chameleon. They appoint their most brilliant mind to the task. But they begin to wonder if he can be trusted.

Smoke & Mirrors, The Hunt for Chameleon

  • I am a central Queensland resident in my mid 60’s.

    Predominantly, my stories are short, and I have published many in a loose genre.

    However, Dimity’s Dragons is a stand-alone book, and Sh’Dn, the Girl Who Wrote, is a mixture of unrelated short stories across many genres.

    I began writing about ten years ago, aged about 54, after reading an article on e-books and decided to try my hand at it.

    Mostly, I work away from home and do not get as many opportunities to write my story ideas as I would like, but we have to bring the dollar in.

    My interests are politics and environment, Science Fiction, and volunteering for beach clean-ups.

    To find out about Donald's other publications, go to his website 

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