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Requiem is a loose collection of stories that, in some instances, flow from one to the next.

The general theme is Environmental but has elements of standard and alternative Creation in it, as well as some Sci-Fi.

The life of a dinosaur rolls into Creation, which then rolls into a series of tales that flow into each other. The Ancient One, The Will, The Golden Child, and then Anak.

Anak, The child of no tribe but of all tribes, who speaks all languages, was born in the Hell that the First World has made of the Middle East.

After this comes a little Sci-Fi. A space ark, secretly built, leaves Earth for a multi-generational trip to another world. An immense gamble.

And then, Johnny Cash, When The Man Comes Around. I think if The Man is coming, he had better hurry up.

Some of this is political, some mystical, some magical, and some just a little too close to the truth.

All in all, there are some messages that I hope will make people think. The 99% can take back control from the 1% if they just realise their power.

I hope the young read it. Too many people of my generation have closed minds.

Requiem for a Dying Earth

  • I am a central Queensland resident in my mid 60’s.

    Predominantly, my stories are short, and I have published many in a loose genre.

    However, Dimity’s Dragons is a stand-alone book, and Sh’Dn, the Girl Who Wrote, is a mixture of unrelated short stories across many genres.

    I began writing about ten years ago, aged about 54, after reading an article on e-books and decided to try my hand at it.

    Mostly, I work away from home and do not get as many opportunities to write my story ideas as I would like, but we have to bring the dollar in.

    My interests are politics and environment, Science Fiction, and volunteering for beach clean-ups.

    To find out about Donald's other publications, go to his website 

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