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Koko is a young boy gifted a magical flute from a woodpecker. He discovers the power of music to heal the heart and transform sadness into gratitude.


Book Review – Crystal Leonardi, Bowerbird Publishing

‘Koko and the Magical Flute: Overcoming Grief’ is an enchanting tale that gracefully addresses the delicate topic of grief in a way that resonates with young hearts. Authored by Renee Cashman and brought to life with delightful illustrations by Jaye Harris, this book is the first in a promising series of children’s literature.

The story follows Koko, a young boy who receives a magical flute from a woodpecker. As Koko explores the transformative power of music, the narrative skilfully weaves a journey from sorrow to gratitude.

The collaboration between Cashman and Harris brings depth and charm to the storytelling, creating a beautifully crafted narrative that captivates young readers and their parents.

‘Koko and the Magical Flute: Overcoming Grief’ is a heartwarming addition to children’s literature, offering a valuable lesson in resilience and the healing power of music.

Koko and the Magical Flute: Overcoming Grief

  • Renee grew up with her nose in a book, always reading fantasy books full of magic and inspiration. And as an adult Renee has grown into an inspiring community leader, entrepreneur and multi-talented woman. Renee has been the Editor of Connect Magazine North Queensland since 2004 publishing over 170 editions. She also enjoys her work as a Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor, Sound Healer, and Community Event Organiser. Find out more at   or

  • Jaye Lea Harris is an artist of more than sixteen years, located in beautiful Far North Queensland. Art has been a never-ending self-inquiry for Jaye and the biggest tool for awareness, healing, learning and transformation. It is a blessing recognised by Jaye to have a platform to share this medium with others, not only through her artwork but also through Art Retreats where she helps those attending to express onto the canvas, connect and create, or via group technique base classes teaching old masters methods. Jaye has a clear ‘why’ behind her artwork as it has such a wonderful way of connecting to parts of us, we didn’t know existed, each with a message to share and to open as many hearts to the colourful and creative ways of the world.

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