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Isherwood’s Australia is an outstanding example of how one man’s individual journey, combined with a rich family tradition of sharing stories, can unite generations in a stunningly relatable and compelling way. Alan has created an intricate, emotionally sophisticated portrayal of the ensemble cast - childhood friends, First Nations leaders and elders and other rich characters from 20th Century Australia and beyond.


Author Alan Isherwood was born in Kew, Victoria. He has lived and worked in diverse roles throughout Australia. Living and working as a teacher, from remote and isolated First Nations communities in North East Arnhem Land and Central Desert to Cape York and Torres Strait, and Guadalcanal. Alan and his family have lived on the Atherton Tablelands since 1989. Alan has spent time in China, USA, Denmark, Central Switzerland and the UK. Alan and his wife, Rose, introduced their daughters Miya and Sara to their ancestral homes in Derbyshire and Sar Chung.


A former Australian political figure, Alan now spends his time in his family home, a Queenslander set amidst the rainforest sanctuary on Mazlin Creek, Atherton, Queensland. Alan can often be spotted quietly strolling under a rainforest canopy and enjoys long-distance swimming in solitude at Lake Eacham and Etty Bay, down on the Queensland north-east coast. He enjoys conversations with the chooks and growing organic fruit and veggies, and making Cornish pasties. In a dry-season, on a cool, clear moonlit night, you’re likely to find Alan out the back, by the open fire, being a DJ or in lively conversation with friends and family. When all is quiet, and everyone’s gone, Alan often stays on to enjoy the soft warm glow of the coals.

Isherwood's Australia - ebook

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