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Yes VS No

“What you say NO to is equally as important as what you say YES to” Michelle Bridges.

Why did it take a big screen to make me realize that saying ‘yes’ to everything is doing me absolutely no favours? Michelle’s statement reminded me that saying no is just as important as saying yes, especially for mums.

What do you say ‘yes’ to that you wish you didn’t? Is it the 7 am start at the school fundraiser on a Sunday morning, or the endless amounts of playdates, music lessons, and sports training for the kids that you seem to schedule every other week? I know I feel like an overworked, underpaid taxi driver who runs a 24/7 kindergarten in her spare time by the end of most weeks.

I personally find it really hard to say no. I like to be accommodating and I like to help out where I can. I guess what I’ve realized since becoming older and wiser (and totally exhausted) however, is that if I say no, there’ll always be another person right behind me busting to say yes. That I don’t have to be available to everyone else all the time.

It’s been a month since I had the life-changing encounter with Michelle Bridges. I’m still working on the ‘no’ thing but I do stop and think before I automatically blurt out ‘yes’ now. Thank you, Michelle.

For the empaths out there, for the over-achievers, or the downright too nice ones, work on saying no more. It’s invigorating to know that you actually have the power to make a choice. That no matter how desperate someone seems to need your help, it’s ok to say no.

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