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Giving In v. Giving Up

As we continue on this path of unknowns with Sebastian and his brain tumour, I've suddenly realized that at some stage, a parent in my situation, gets to a point where they have no choice but to give in or give up.

It's terrifying to realize that so many parents are left with no choice but to give in to the cancer. I don't ever want to contemplate being in that situation. When every treatment option has been tried, every drug, every home remedy, every natural alternative, but still, the cancer wins, how do you get to a place where you accept defeat and surrender? How do you stop the fight?

So far on our journey with Sebastian's brain cancer, I've only experienced an overwhelming 'never give up' attitude. I've sadly met so many mums however that have felt the same but then suddenly realize it's all been in vain.

My heart aches for those families. For the mums and dads who realize one day that no matter how hard they try, it will never be enough. When they finally realize that their only option left is taking their child home and making them as comfortable as possible until they fade away.

I also find myself contemplating then, whether or not giving up is something a parent will never do. Especially when it comes to their child. I know I won’t ever give up, but will I be forced to give in on day? It must be a completely broken spirit that leads to a parent’s submission to their child’s cancer or illness.

This is a heavy subject but something I sadly contemplate from time to time. So many of these mums who’ve been broken, have redirected their hurt & heartbreak to the greater good. I feel honored to have had conversations with mums who’ve lost their child to a cancer diagnosis, fought a courageous, admirable fight, and then devoted their lives to helping other children & their families. What a phenomenal response to adversity.

To check out the amazing work of some very special mums, go to the ‘Nate’s Mates’ and ‘This Strong Mum Foundation’ FB pages. Special thanks to Katie & Anj for inspiring me to ‘turn my wounds into wisdom’.

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