Mentorships are available to writers of all experience levels and ages. Suited ideally to the unpublished writer, Crystal Leonardi offers an insight into all things publishing in a supportive and encouraging way.

Writing by the Water


Designed to spark new ideas & breathe new life into the writing process, Crystal aims to inspire writers of all genres and of all ages.

Honest Feedback

Feedback is something that all good writers should welcome, and seen as an opportunity to get valuable advice and coaching from an experienced Author and Publisher. Benefit from receiving Crystal’s honest opinion of your work, complete with specific and measurable goal setting, will help you see your work through a fresh set of eyes.

Professional Development

Sharing her experiences and pointing writers in the right direction, Crystal will answer any of your burning questions that may be limiting your successes in both creative and professional writing endeavours.

Crystal will also introduce you to the importance of planning your next book, providing you with Storyboard/Outline templates, to save you time.


Crystal’s honest feedback and motivation directly relates to the writer’s specific writing goals. Crystal will not only assist writers to set clear goals but will also motivate writers to maintain momentum through to completion and work through writing dry spells. With specific and measurable goals, writers feel more driven to plan for how best to succeed.

Emotional Support

Being a writer is tough. We are expressing ourselves creatively and sharing it with the world in plain English. We are living in a time where everyone is sharing their lives through social media, blogs and becoming YouTube stars, but becoming a published Author is so much more. Crystal will share her strategies on how to face rejections and negative feedback without losing focus and creative flow.


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