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A Bibliography, biography, memoir, shared stories, poetry, observations, and photographs, Cooee-Cooee is a detailed recount of Colleen's family history; One of Australia's pioneering generational family station owners and managers, based in outback Queensland. 

Cooee-Cooee Colleen's Collected Stories

  • Colleen Taylor is a true trailblazer for documenting stories from the Queensland region's pioneers, drovers, and miners. 'Cooee-Cooee' is the first publication from Colleen, soon to be followed by 'Unearthing Einasleigh and District Bygone Days.'

    Her second publication is underway, with Colleen's style of capturing the heart of Etheridge Shire, it is sure to captivate historians and avid history readers alike, just as Cooee-Cooee' has. 

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