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Little Fish. Big CANCER Pond.

Two days after I hear of yet another little boy who's life was taken too soon, I'm thrust back into the front seat of the emotional rollercoaster that came with my own son's cancer diagnosis.

Earlier this year, it was Nate.

Earlier this week, it was Slater.

Two little QLD boys with terminal brain cancer who's lives are now legacies and examples of bravery for the families left behind.

When I hear the news of yet another loss, I feel so scared. I go from carefree and confident about Sebastian's current medical status to completely overwhelmed with the reminder that there are very few survivors of childhood brain cancer. That Sebastian, although not yet in remission, is one of the lucky few. One of the very few survivors. So far.

Boy of Steel will be such a valuable tool for parents of sick children as it discusses all aspects of our emotional journey through Sebastian's diagnosis and treatment. The ups, the downs, the ins, the outs and most importantly, the unexpected twists and turns.

If you are a parent who is reading this blog from the lonely confines of a hospital room, please read my book.

If you are a friend of someone who's child is bravely receiving treatment for a life-threatening condition, please read my book.

If you are a family member of a cancer warrior, please read my book.

If you are a person who wants to be inspired by a true 'Boy of Steel', please read my book.

Our story has the power to change so many lives.

An excerpt from Chapter 8, Boy of Steel...

"...the most surprising realization for me was just how indiscriminate childhood cancer and disease is.

Our children were now a statistic and in so many ways a medical ‘experiment’, with complications previously unseen and treatments never tried before. This left us parents in QCH hovering helplessly over our children, asking ourselves, Why? and How?"

“Bless the beasts and the children for in this world they have no voice, they have no choice.”

The Carpenters

To support life-saving research, donations can be made to your preferred charity at

Boy of Steel will soon be available for purchase. Stay updated via FB (Boy of Steel) &

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