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Celebrating Success

Whether your success is measured by winning awards, reaching your goals, or simply getting through each day, take the time to celebrate your achievements. As life continues, we must embrace the good and the bad equally to maintain a grounded existence. I am always open to new opportunities and thrive on self-improvement and the confidence it gives me in my business.

As a solo entrepreneur, I am my own publicist, content creator, and events manager, so this fast-paced world will leave you in the dust if you don’t continue to upskill. In the last few months, I have put myself out there by nominating for several national awards. Consequently, I had to up the ante on confidence and backing myself. Easier said than done, however. How do we go from knowing we can do it to articulating that we can do it when out of our comfort zone and in front of our peers or, even worse, judges?

These are some of the questions I pondered when it was announced that I was a finalist in all three categories that I was nominated for. My thought process was a little like this –

"shit, now I have to prove I’m worthy."

'"How will I articulate my successes without stumbling through nervously, jumbling up my words and sounding like a goofball?" Imposter syndrome chimed in right on queue, nudging me into a corner of self-doubt and disbelief that I’m worthy of winning.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I realised that making the most of the opportunities was my best shot at success, even if that meant I didn’t win. I had to prepare myself with a winning attitude and gain skills from those who already knew the formula for success. Queue Ausmumpreneur powerhouse Jordana Edwards from The Breastfeeding Tea Co. and her valuable insight into what makes a great interview, and I felt so confident and well prepared for my finalist interviews that whether I win or not, I know I’ve given it my best shot and put my best foot forward.

So, now I’d like to share the key points I learnt from Jordana and a few other inspiring publicity coaches.

Anyone can be an expert.

If you are an author, you are an expert on your book. Decide what you are an expert in, ensuring you have experience in the topic to represent yourself and what you do confidently. With success often comes the imposter syndrome, where we lack self-belief. Knowing your area of expertise and focusing on how it can serve others will allow you to commit to your purpose.

Persistence pays off.

This is my favourite topic of conversation right now. We can become so self-absorbed that we end up talking ourselves out of success. Remember, every person you share your message with is probably hearing it for the first time. It’s ok to feel like a broken record! Don’t feel embarrassed about tooting your own horn and leave self-doubt at the door. To make someone else believe you are successful, you must also believe it.

Do journalists a favour by persistently updating them on your achievements. They rely on their community to provide them with content, and if your pitch is the right fit, it will receive attention. Milk your publicity, and keep using it to remind your audience of your worth. A great story of success has a very long shelf life in the world of PR.

Know how and when.

So, you’ve put yourself out there, and now you’re waiting for the phone to start ringing… what happens if all you hear are crickets?

Follow up! Often, emails are missed or lost in full inboxes. Journalists care about their readers and viewers, so take that into consideration when pitching your story. They don’t necessarily care about you and your business, but it will be considered if it speaks to their audience.

Find your angle and go with it. Keep it simple and carefully select your supporting graphics, depending on the media platform. Sometimes stock photography isn’t always the best choice, and a more natural or outside-the-box approach is preferred. Know your media platform and cater your pitch to them.

With all that being said, self-promotion is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s something most of us have to work on. I love the advice about being the expert. When focused on what I know, it all comes very naturally. Don’t overthink things or get bogged down in thoughts of self-doubt.

Be your biggest supporter;

when you believe in yourself, others will too.

To purchase my books, head to my online bookshop... Check out the Bowerbird Publishing tab on my website for mentoring and publishing services.

For more information about Jordana Edwards and The Breastfeeding Tea Co. go to ABOUT US — The Breastfeeding Tea Co.

For more information about Ausmumpreneur, go to AusMumpreneur | Australia's Number 1 Community for Mums in Business

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