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Book Review - No Finish Line by Johnny Ruffo

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

‘No Finish Line’ has been truthfully told by none other than Johnny Ruffo. Australian singer, actor, dancer, presenter, and all-around Aussie larrikin Johnny Ruffo has been dealt a devastating hand at, what I believe, to be the peak of his life.

Diagnosed not once but twice with highly aggressive brain cancer, Johnny continues to receive treatment to extend his life expectancy by only a few more years. He has an almighty battle ahead of him. The reason I bought his book is that I was intrigued, as always, to read another person’s way of courageously telling their story when it seems all hope has gone.

‘No Finish Line’ is written in Johnny’s words in a very honest, vulnerable, and uplifting way. He writes candidly about mistakes in his personal and professional life and, in many ways, lays all his cards out on the table. Despite sharing personal experiences with suicide, self-harm, anxiety, and depression in the past, I feel sure that Johnny has the right mix of mischief and commitment to overcome any mental health challenges that are inevitable in his quest to make the most of the time he has left.

When reading this book over only 3 days, I was drawn in by what is obviously the story of a man who could be ‘one of us.’ Yes, he has fame and fortune, but he is a boy from a public housing childhood and a family who worked hard for the little they had. This, I think, is where he found his irrepressible sense of humour and carefree persona, and what Australia evidently fell in love with.

Johnny wrote ‘No Finish Line’ to encourage people to cherish life that little bit more, and I believe it does just that. I’m forever inspired and touched by every cancer battler out there, and wish Johnny and his family many years of laughs and happy memories. His diagnosis and the subsequent battle are vastly different from ours (Sebby’s), but we will draw from his courage to keep fighting when all odds are against him.

Johnny is also an ambassador for Save our Sons (a charity supporting Duchene Muscular Dystrophy) and the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. To donate to either of these vital causes, go to Save Our Sons Duchenne Foundation: SOS or Home - Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

RIP Ava Pearce 12.06.16 - 15.10.22

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