No matter what your end goal is for your book – to build a writing career, grow your brand, sell thousands of books, or impact the lives of many – effective book marketing is key to your book’s success.


Crystal Leonardi shares her expertise in this next big challenge, carefully planning for you so that your published book lands in the hands of readers, in an ever-growing competitive market.


Creating your Brand

A powerful author brand doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design. Creating an author brand will increase your authority, influence and perceived value, continually increasing your audience and author platform.


In today’s competitive market, it’s not enough just to be a good author. You need to be able to create an emotional connection with your reader – often before they’ve had a chance to read your book. Creating your brand will clearly articulate your vision or the purpose behind your work, so you will never have to convey its importance to others. In Crystal’s opinion, whether you’re actively building your personal brand or not, it’s happening. So, why not be deliberate in shaping the direction it takes?


Crystal’s brand building service will ensure that full advantage is taken of your book’s marketability and that your brand is FAB! not one that fizzles. Focusing on your brand identity, purpose and awareness, Crystal will cover all aspects of brand construction including; logo, brand fonts, colours & style/theme, tagline, website on-brand design consistency, on-brand social media design, social media graphics and image templates, business cards, bookmarks, and professional email template. All branding resources will be supplied in high resolution files in both digital; jpeg or png files and print ready; PDF.


Continued support will ensure that you successfully promote and grow your author brand.

Press Release

A press release is a brief 1-page document that outlines the most important information about your book. It should entice media, particularly Journalists, to write about and report on your book and its upcoming release.

Distribution: Your press release distribution will not only announce your book to the media but will allow various publications to share your press release, therefor reach a wider audience. Crystal will design your press release and assist you in all areas of its distribution, including following up on leads and successful engagements.

Author Website

An author website is your most critical tool for book promotion and long-term platform development. It will put you directly in touch with your readers and is a long-term investment into your career as an author. Unlike social media, you will maintain total ownership and control of content on your website.

With your ideas and creative input, Crystal will build your author website, taking care of buying a Domain name, selecting a host, choosing a theme and incorporating the 7 essential website elements; brand exposure, author bio, book information, social media links, menu & navigation set-up, contact information and subscription/newsletter/blog set-up.

Furthermore, with the assistance of services geared toward people without formal training in programming or coding, Crystal will provide you with training so that you can maintain and update your new website with ease.  

Social Media Presence

Social media is all about exposure, making new connections and having fun. So, when applied to you as an author, it is essential for building your brand. However, building a social media platform isn't just about selling books, it's a way for you to engage with readers and fans in the community.


Publishing is one of the few markets where the consumer cares and seeks to engage with the individual behind the product. Crystal will assist you in creating your social media profile, whilst considering your message, mission and publishing goals. Social media can be a free and easy way to promote your book so Crystal will ensure that the opportunity is neither missed, nor underutilized.

Book Launch Events

A book launch is often the first live publicity event you will host as a newly published author and will carry with it lots of nerves and excitement. Your book launch events are a nifty marketing technique that will create excitement and awareness for your book and help initiate the first sales.


Hosting these events can be overwhelming, and sometimes very time consuming. Crystal has created a Book Launch Planning Tool to share and facilitate the most important steps to creating a successful book launch. From scheduling and marketing, to planning, writing your speech and including a few little extras, Crystal’s Book Launch Planning Tool will ensure a smooth, stress free and inspiring book launch experience.


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