Deciding on the right publishing platform is an exciting time for any author. When you reach this stage in the process, your book is so close to being enjoyed by readers that the anticipation is exhilarating. Your manuscript is now a polished, well edited book, waiting to be shared with the world. Before distribution begins however, Crystal Leonardi will ensure that your work is protected, legal and accessible to it’s maximum potential.

Ready to Get Published

Why Self-Publish?

To publish a book is such an outstanding achievement that many writers only dream of. The truth is though, self-publishing can be tricky to navigate as a beginner.  

There are 3 ways to publish a book; Traditional, Indie (Independent) or Self-publish, and all come with many pros and cons. Crystal has tailored this service to thoroughly inform the author on all options, ensuring the best choice is made to maintain creative control, maximize earning potential and align with your publishing goals.

Pricing Structure

Understanding the retail value of your own work is something that a lot of authors struggle with. Crystal will consider your publishing goals, target market and competitive book prices to help you set the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) for your book.

Royalties Explained

A book royalty is a percentage of the revenue an author receives for each book sold.

In self-publishing, the author is given a royalty rate depending on the type of book (eBook, print, POD). Self-publishing platforms such as Amazon, IngramSpark and KoBo, typically follow a print-on-demand business model. Regardless of the platform you decide on, Crystal will guide you through what you can expect to get paid for your book once published.

Barcode & ISBN

No matter how you choose to publish your book – eBook, print or POD (Print on Demand), purchasing an ISBN and Barcode is an important component to publishing your book.

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier which is recognized internationally. It appears on the back of every book and holds essential information that libraries, bookstores and distributors use to identify and properly catalogue your book. An ISBN will facilitate sales and provide you with maximum opportunity for your book to be discovered and purchased.

Adding a barcode to an ISBN will allow it to be readable by a scanner. The barcode holds information about your RRP and when purchased with an ISBN, further facilitates sales in a retail setting.

Using Thorpe-Bowker Australia, Crystal will purchase a barcode and the required amount of ISBN’s using details supplied by you. Once complete, the barcode and ISBN will be owned by you, the Author.


You’ve worked hard preparing your book for publication, now it’s time to protect it. Crystal will guide you through the Copyright laws and requirements as stated by the Australian Copyright Council.


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