Regardless of your editing needs, Crystal Leonardi will help improve your writing — particularly if you approach the process with a willingness to learn about your writing quirks (we all have them). With a positive and open attitude, you’ll not only get a better book, you’ll save money on each editing level.

Using a combination of her own skillset and the services of professional editor, Julie Guthrie, Crystal's approach to book editing will ensure you will receive exemplary editing services that consider your publishing budget. 

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Manuscript Appraisal

For your initial manuscript appraisal, Crystal will ask for a 10 page sample from the middle of your manuscript. Most authors understand the importance of a dynamic start, and as a result, the first chapter of a book often gets more attention than a chapter in the middle. Energy levels have decreased by the mid-section so will give Crystal the best sense of which levels of editing your manuscript will require. At this stage, Crystal can also make some DIY recommendations that can reduce the overall editing costs going forward.

Additionally, Crystal will work with you to determine your books genre, target audience and final word count, which will lead to further research into its marketability and merit. Crystal will provide you with a comprehensive report, focusing on these points of merit as well as suggested mark-ups and areas for revision.

Structural Edit

A structural edit focuses on how sections of the book fit together, and often involves moving large chunks of text around, or possibly removing some sections entirely. The reason for this is because often the plot can be lost in large sections of descriptive background information, which often also results in the characters becoming difficult to distinguish from one another. Through conducting a structural edit on your manuscript, Crystal will ensure that the arrangement of each section serves both the story and reader’s expectations.  

Line Edit *

Recasting sentences for clarity and flow, a line edit will ultimately preserve the author’s voice. Engaging and effective writing will have a rhythm or pulse, and with practice, writers learn to develop these skills. At the line edit stage, a professional editor will help you with sentence structure & length, suitable use of adjectives and vocabulary for the intended audience and smooth paragraph transition.

Copy Edit *

Copy editing addresses grammar, usage and consistency issues. Also known as quality control, a professional copy editor will correct inconsistencies and ensure continuity in how a character’s name is spelled, to the colour of her eyes, to the names of places and how they’re spelled, and many other common trouble spots that even the most polished author will overlook.

Proofreading *

The final edit of your manuscript is the proofread, you’re almost there! Weather your book is for eBook or print, a professional editor will be the last set of eyes on your book before it goes live. Proofreading is the final check for typos, repeated words (the the), spelling and punctuation. The final proofread will present your book at an exemplary level, ready for printing and distribution. 

* These services will be contracted to Crystals personal Editor, Julie Guthrie. Quote provided on application.


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