Your book reads like a dream, now it's time to make it look like a dream! Formatting covers all areas of how your book looks and feels and will help it stand out from the rest. 

Crystal's creative flair and love for attention to detail ensures her Graphic Designer will create a book cover that excites and inspires you to see your publishing journey through to the end. 

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Finishing Touches

First impressions are so important. Creating a memorable book title, professional author headshot, interesting author blurb and book synopsis are the finishing touches Crystal Leonardi will assist you with before your book is ready for its final polish (typesetting and cover design). These design features are an audiences first glance at your book and the story behind its author, so the perfect title, author headshot, synopsis and author blurb will entice a reader to buy your book.  

Typesetting *

Typesetting, or the interior design of your book is the secret to a more inviting reading experience - you not only want your book to read well but you want it to look good too! In short, typesetting is the process of setting text onto a page and requires the expertise of a Graphic Designer.

The reason Crystal will engage a professional Graphic Designer to work on your typesetting is because the devil is in the detail - and typesetting is an intricate web of detail. A Graphic Designer will consider factors such as trim size, margins, font typefaces and sizes, and illustrations (if applicable) to then develop the required kerning (space between characters), orphans & widows (​precluding “widows,” which occur when the last row of a paragraph ends on the top of a page, and “orphans,” which are its vice-versa), correcting word stacks (when consecutive rows of text start or end with the same word), drop caps (popular style for the first character of the first paragraph in a chapter), book blocks (block of text on each facing page of a book should end on the same row), and the list goes on!

Any author will appreciate the value of a good Graphic Designer once the typesetting is complete. It turns a manuscript into a book and creates magic on a page. 

Cover Design *

Now the fun begins! A book cover is the face of your book, capturing the attention of your audience and building your brand as an Author.

The front, back and spine covers are complete with bleeds and crops which are applied and finished with a high resolution, print ready PDF/X file.


With Crystal's guidance, you will brainstorm and communicate your vision for your dream book cover with a Graphic Designer. 

Print-ready Finish *

Once your editing, typesetting and cover design are complete, Crystal's Graphic Designer will convert your manuscript to a PDF print ready file. 

eBook Conversion *

To compliment your PDF print ready file, Crystal's Graphic Designer will convert your manuscript to eBook format. This will give readers the option of purchasing a digital version of your book, that can be read on a phone, tablet, computer or kindle. 

* These services will be contracted to Crystals personal Graphic Designer . Quote provided on application.


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