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Book Angels aim to educate and comfort readers, providing age-appropriate books, created to support families battling cancer.

I wish I had a book like 'My Brother Sebastian' or 'Boy of Steel' when my son, Sebastian, was first diagnosed. Not just for the support

they would have provided for me as a mother, but reminded me that I am not alone in this battle against cancer. 

In 2022, it is estimated that 776 children aged 0–14 years will be newly diagnosed with cancer in Australia.

I need your help!

Looking at picture books together invites little ones to communicate with parents, both verbally and non-verbally.

The gift of donation or the purchase of 'My Brother Sebastian' will open the lines of communication between parent and child and

provide parents with a resource on explaining a cancer diagnosis to their child. 

Every single dollar received will go towards the printing and distribution of books to families in need. These families battling cancer

need your help. Some of them are navigating the cancer world completely isolated from their loved ones. Together, we can make a

difference by bringing them comfort and hope in the form of a book. 

Donate any amount to help us get

'My Brother Sebastian' to families

throughout Australia who are faced with

a cancer diagnosis.

You can pay forward a 'My Brother Sebastian' book and make a difference to a family impacted by cancer.

We will distribute purchased books to one of our health service or support service partners, or you can nominate which service you would like to send it to. 

For just $240 for a year, you can help a family every month.


'My Brother Sebastian' will bring comfort and relief during a really tough time and provide a tool to help communicate a cancer diagnosis to young children.  

You can nominate a health or support service to receive your books, as well as send a message to book recipients.

Start your membership and help a family today!

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